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Dhakaiaa Jamdani Limited (www.dhakaiaajamdani.com) manufactures and sells Jamdani Sharee, 3pcs, and 2pcs directly to consumers through our Showroom, e-commerce and f-commerce store fronts. We also happen to be Bangladesh’s first on-demand custom design Jamdani Sharee’s solution serving both domestic and international clientele at wholesale price and quality that cannot be beaten.

We have not only established ourselves as a good local brand but also earned the reputation for selling export quality Jamdani Sharee at an affordable price.

Today, we are at a crossroad where we feel it necessary to expand our footprint and make our Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharee and our services available to the global market.
Bangladesh is well known for its Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharee industries and is ranked amongst the top 1 producing countries. We generally produce Jamdani Sharee not only for third parties under their label but also ours. When you visit any stores in India, you will surely see a lot of Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharees. However, you will not see any Bangladeshi label in the stores but you are purchasing Bangladeshi Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharee directly from India through e-commerce or f-commerce where they are telling that this Sharee made by India but they lied to you.

We feel it is high time, we should enter the international market and be the first Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharee company selling directly to international customers via online at an affordable price. Our best quality Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharee can be supplied to a customer in the USA, UK, France, Italy, UAE and other countries. GPO – EMS service is our shipping partner thereby allowing us to ship products economically as well as reliably and reach you within a few days.
We can provide such a deep discount because we manufacture our own Dhakaiaa Jamdani Sharees. Plus since we have store fronts and ship directly from our stores, our overhead cost is less.
And if you do not like any of our designs, for a small upcharge you can print your own design and have it shipped to your door regardless of where in the world you are located.

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We have participated in local events such as Westin Hotel Fair in 2014, WVA fair and Dhrik Galary in 2013 and Dhaka international trade fair in 2020
We design for ”GAYE HOLUD”, schools cultural program, and many others. If you have any questions, or would like to see how much we could save you, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

call to 01770203804 / 01711461083

Help us by sharing this awesome project with your family and friends through social media. Tell them that they are able to purchase Dhakaiaa Jamdani Shares, 3pcs 2pcs and others halfsilk and cotton shari directly from us at wholesale price without compromising on quality.